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Three chill ways to find new music that aren't Spotify or Apple Music or whatever

Maybe I'm just a nostalgic old fuddy-duddy, but I say personal music recommendations are better than algorithms. I used to get music recommendations exclusively from humans (ie friends and blogs), and I think they're more likely to expose you to stuff you wouldn't otherwise listen to. Open your horizons a bit.

Not sure what happened to my friends. And I guess blogs are still a thing, but who has time to read things from other humans when you can just press play on "My new music mix" on Apple Music or whatever?

Here are three sources I consistently use to find new music from a wide range of sources that are still maintained by humans.

"Song of the day" podcasts

These are podcasts that post a new song every day. No talk, just an mp3. Super easy way to give new music a chance.

The Current Song of the Day

KCRW: Today's Top Tune

KEXP: Song of the Day

Hype Machine Stacks

Hype Machine started out as a way to see what independent music blogs were posting the most. It still does that, I guess. But they also have "stacks" which are curated mixes. They're really good! Check it out.

All Songs Considered podcast

I call this the music nerd podcast. It's produced by NPR. There are a bunch of standing hosts plus a bunch of rotating folks they talk to. It's good. Listen here.

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January 2, 2022


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