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writing without distractions

i used to use this app called Writeroom to write without distractions.

it takes over your whole screen and is just a cursor and text. no  messing with the font, changing the spacing, or anything liek that.

just you and your text. like a typewriter

it hasn't been updated in awhile and i don't write as much as i used to. But I still use it when i want to write something semi-long and want to minimize distractions. It works.

this recent New Yorker article takes a fresh look at the current landscape of distraction-free writing apps and hardware, and it's just great.

here's an excerpt:

But focus mode on an everything device is a meditation room in a casino. What good is it to separate writing from editing, formatting, and cluttered interfaces if you can’t separate it from the Internet? Even a disconnected computer offers plenty of opportunities for distraction: old photographs, downloaded music, or, most treacherous of all, one’s own research. And so, just as savvy entrepreneurs have resuscitated the “dumb” phone as a premium single-tasking communication device, it was perhaps inevitable that someone would revive the stand-alone word processor.

Released in 2016, the Freewrite Smart Typewriter is a hefty little lunchbox of a machine with a noisy mechanical keyboard and an e-ink display the size of an index card. The user can type and backspace but not much else, and, with the default settings, only ten lines of text are visible at a time.


March 12, 2022


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