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New Music

blog posts. New Music. Some of my faves this week:Found this track via MPR's Current station: Dial-up – "Designer Homes". Listen to the. first six tracks here. {bandcamp}. Herman Dune — "Shadow of a Doubt". {aac file}. From. Tell Me Something I Don't

New Music

blog posts. New Music. I've been all over the place with new music the past couple weeks. Here's what's what: Lost in the Trees — "Red". {stream the whole new record via npr}. Kishi Bashi — "Bright Whites". {all songs considered sxsw preview}. Miami

Music Recap

blog posts. Music Recap. Lots of good stuff to share! I'm also gonna try a new thing; unprofound descriptions of the bands I write about in sixty characters or so. Let's go! From my favorite record so far this year. Shearwater — "Open Your Houses". {mp3

The Generationals {New Music}

blog posts. The Generationals {New Music}. [caption id="attachment_4674" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. Live at the KEXP studio, July 25th, 2009 {flickr user Mordac}.[/caption]New Orleans-based duo. The Generationals. plays music that spans many styles

The Lumineers {new music}

blog posts. The Lumineers {new music}. Not sure how I feel about the whole record yet, but this is one catchy song. The Lumineers — "Ho Hey". {mp3}.[audio]From. The Lumineers. {amazon}. posted. April 11, 2012. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

POP ETC. {new music}

blog posts. POP ETC. {new music}. Can't get enough of the. new self-titled record from POP ETC. {spotify}.[audio]. POP Etc. — "C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-E". {aac}. posted. August 3, 2012. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Electic Guest {new music}

blog posts. Electic Guest {new music}. Diggin' the debut record of LA-based band Electric Guest. Mondo. was produced by Danger Mouse, as I think you can hear in the bass and percussion in particular. Here's one of my favorite cuts from the record, and the

Purity Ring {music}

blog posts. Purity Ring {music}. Love how this song from Canadian electro-pop band Purity Ring builds on a sweet-sounding refrain… "there's a cult, there's a cult inside of me," and layers extra melodies and rhythms on top of it. Purity Ring — "Saltkin

django django {new music}

blog posts. django django {new music}. This catchy little gem sounds like the lyrics are repeating "DEVO" during the chorus-interlude thing, but I think it's really probably "default".Either way, this band is reminiscent of Devo as is their rushed

Austra {new music}

blog posts. Austra {new music}. Diggin' last year's record from Canadian electro-pop band Austra. Here's the single.[audio]. Austra — "Lose It". {aac}. From. "Feel It Break". {amazon}. posted. May 27, 2012. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

New music rec: Gordi

blog posts. New music rec: Gordi. Remember when we could go outside with reckless abandon and see shows in tiny venues? ha haa ha ha ha i do. One of those times I saw this band Gordi (led by Sophie Payten) open for. Tallest Man on Earth. at. Baby's All

(Sort of) NEW MUSIC:

blog posts. (Sort of) NEW MUSIC: Broken Bells. is a collaboration between James Mercer ("the Shins") and Danger Mouse ("Danger Mouse"). The best description I can come up with is that it sounds pretty much exactly how you'd expect; a really long remix of

New David Bazan {music}

blog posts. New David Bazan {music}. "Strange Negotiations" comes out May 24; here's a preview track:Also check out Bazan's. introduction to the song. {official site}.{via. fuel friends. }. posted. May 4, 2011. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Foxygen {new music}

blog posts. Foxygen {new music}. [caption id="attachment_5468" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. foxygen @ sxsw 2013 | flickr user "andy g" | used under creative commons[/caption]To say Foxygen is a band inspired by bands of the '60s like the Beatles

John Vanderslice {new music}

blog posts. John Vanderslice {new music}. [caption id="attachment_5512" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. photo by flickr user Tylertello {Creative Commons license}[/caption]A new album is out from one of my all-time favorite artists, John Vanderslice

Sean Nelson {new music}

blog posts. Sean Nelson {new music}. photo by flickr user. kexp. | used under the creative commons. I guess this song is a bit melancholy but every time I listen to it I get it stuck in my head all day without really realizing it.The bass line and guitar

New music {Son Lux}

imaginative and complex music for every medium. The classically trained musician has scored for modern dance, TV ads and film — including last year's The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby and the upcoming Paper Towns. Lott is also no stranger to collaboration

Springtime Carnivore {new music}

blog posts. Springtime Carnivore {new music}. Greta Morgan is Springtime Carnivore. Springtime Carnivore. {spotify} is the name of her debut album.It's sunny pop, sung through one of those filter things that makes the vocals seem really far away.Here's

Sun Airway {new music}

blog posts. Sun Airway {new music}. This Philadelphia-based band took awhile to grow on me. I wrote them off as another airy Beach House-esque band (nothing against Beach House), and didn't really catch on to the melodies right away. The. Pitchfork

Tame Impala {new music}

blog posts. Tame Impala {new music}. [caption id="attachment_4264" align="aligncenter" width="475"]. Tame Impala in Italy {photo from flickr user "charlie_cravero;" creative commons license}[/caption]This Australian band made a lot of. best albums of 2012

Saintsenca {new music}

blog posts. Saintsenca {new music}. Love this new album from Columbus, OH band Saintseneca.The bass on this track reminds me of David Bazan/Pedro the lion—deep, loud, and melodic. Other tracks on the album feature guitar riffs that echo the New

Miyazaki {new music}

blog posts. Miyazaki {new music}. No, not. that. Miyazaki. This. Miyazaki: [mejsaudio src=""]. Miyazaki — "Opportunist". {mp3}. Via. {all songs considered}.From their latest release, "Color of Glass". {spotify}. posted. March 11, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Chad VanGaalen {new music}

blog posts. Chad VanGaalen {new music}. Can't get this song from the new Chad VanGaalen record out of my head today. And yes I know that may seem morbid. Chad VanGaalen— "Hangman's Son". {mp3}. [audio src="

New music rec: Vansire

blog posts. New music rec: Vansire. Angel Youth. from Vansire is the kind of album that you can start playing and kind of forget about, until you realize the 48-minute collection of seventeen songs has been repeating the whole afternoon.In a good way.I

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