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New Music

blog posts. New Music. I've been all over the place with new music the past couple weeks. Here's what's what: Lost in the Trees — "Red". {stream the whole new record via npr}. Kishi Bashi — "Bright Whites". {all songs considered sxsw preview}. Miami

New Music

blog posts. New Music. Some of my faves this week:Found this track via MPR's Current station: Dial-up – "Designer Homes". Listen to the. first six tracks here. {bandcamp}. Herman Dune — "Shadow of a Doubt". {aac file}. From. Tell Me Something I Don't

Music Recap

blog posts. Music Recap. Lots of good stuff to share! I'm also gonna try a new thing; unprofound descriptions of the bands I write about in sixty characters or so. Let's go! From my favorite record so far this year. Shearwater — "Open Your Houses". {mp3

The Generationals {New Music}

blog posts. The Generationals {New Music}. [caption id="attachment_4674" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. Live at the KEXP studio, July 25th, 2009 {flickr user Mordac}.[/caption]New Orleans-based duo. The Generationals. plays music that spans many styles

Alt-J {new music}

blog posts. Alt-J {new music}. In keeping with my. bands-from-overseas. thing, here's a track from the British indie rock quartet Alt-J.It's a creepy little song. Alt-J — "Tessellate". {mp3}. [mejsaudio src=""]. posted. January 28, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

WATERS {New Music}

blog posts. WATERS {New Music}. Ex-Port O'Brien frontman Van Pierszalowski's new band, WATERS, is out with its first record, "Out in the Light". {amazon}.While not as gleeful as Port O'Brien, WATERS still carries formidable energy, flanked by

New Lake {music}

blog posts. New Lake {music}. Lake's out with a new record.It's just like the old Lake but with a little bit of new.It's called. Giving and Receiving. {amazon}. Here's a sample: Lake — "Stumble Around". {mp3}Thank you. posted. May 12, 2011. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

New music rec: BOYO

blog posts. New music rec: BOYO. BOYO is lo-fi pop. Or as his label says: BOYO is the eclectic, psych-pop brainchild of 22 year-old multi-instrumentalist Robert Tilden. The project was born out of the gradual dissolution of Bobby T. and the Slackers, a

NURSES {New Music}

blog posts. NURSES {New Music}. [audio]. Nurses — "Trying to Reach You". {mp3}From. Dracula. {amazon}. posted. January 10, 2012. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

New music rec: Vansire

blog posts. New music rec: Vansire. Angel Youth. from Vansire is the kind of album that you can start playing and kind of forget about, until you realize the 48-minute collection of seventeen songs has been repeating the whole afternoon.In a good way.I

The Slow Music Movement

blog posts. The Slow Music Movement. First slow food, now. this. {npr}: Back in August, a recording of Justin Bieber's "U Smile" went mega-viral on YouTube, earning over 1 million hits.But it wasn't the original song — it was a version slowed down by more

Quilt {new music}

blog posts. Quilt {new music}. Check out the. new album from Boston-based band Quilt. , free on bandcamp.Has the quiet, wispy sound of. Woods. , with overtones of international music to it, too.My favorite tracks are:5. Tie up the Tides7. The Mirror11. Secondary Swan. posted. March 3, 2014. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Slow Club {New Music}

blog posts. Slow Club {New Music}. Love this track from English band Slow Club, an advance release off their new album due out in July.The guitar in the beginning really reminds me of Grizzly Bear, and the dreamy sound and vocals are reminiscent of

Temples {new music}

blog posts. Temples {new music}. The new record from English band. Temples. {official} is really good.Here's one of my favorite tracks: Temples — "Colours to Life". {mp3}. [audio src=""]. From the new album. Sun Structures. {spotify}.See also: Foxygen. {this blog}. posted. April 7, 2014. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Papercuts {new music}

blog posts. Papercuts {new music}. I really liked the 2009 release from San Francisco band Papercuts, You Can Have What You Want. {spotify}. Especially the song. Dictator's Lament. {also spotify}. The guitars have a loose, vaguely beach-y, lo-fi sound

Youth Lagoon {new music}

blog posts. Youth Lagoon {new music}. Well by. new. I mean 2011. New to me.Love how this song starts as a sappy lullaby and slowly builds into an upbeat refrain as the chorus repeats for the second time, as if the singer is convincing himself of the that

Music rec: Sego

blog posts. Music rec: Sego. I saw this band Sego at my. favorite music venue. last week and they put on a good show. Their music doesn't really fit into a genre but I guess you could call it rock/alternative.The lead singer does the talk-singing thing

Jumbling Towers {new music}

been selling musical entertainment and related merchandise since 2006. Their products have received various reviews, drawing descriptors such as "eerie" and "off-kilter". Here's one of the more mellow tracks: [mejsaudio src="

Damien Jurado {new music}

blog posts. Damien Jurado {new music}. Great track from the new Damien Jurado album, Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son. {spotify}: [audio src=""]. Damien Jurado — "Silver Timothy". {mp3}. posted. January 22, 2014. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Black Marble {new music}

blog posts. Black Marble {new music}. Black Marble reminds me of Casiotone for the Painfully Alone and. Wild Nothing. From. : Black Marble is one of the latest and greatest additions to the Brooklyn synthwave lexicon. Their stark, alienating

Cheekface {new music}

blog posts. Cheekface {new music}. Cheekface. is a band from LA that pairs clever talk-singing lyrics with catchy guitar/bass hooks. Kind of like Talking Heads music-wise and the. Front Bottoms. lyrics-wise. Here are some lyrics from the song Best Life

music rec: Balthazar

blog posts. music rec: Balthazar. I have the windows open in my apartment right now and the wind is coming through super strong. It's the first (ok maybe 2nd) Friday night of spring 2021 where the weather is inarguably T-SHIRT WEATHER. Anyway the band

BOY {New Music}

blog posts. BOY {New Music}. [caption id="attachment_4699" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. Photo by Steffen Löwe; used under the Creative Commons.[/caption]Hardest band to find on the internet, ever?Query 1: "boy band"; search engine: google; result

Sisyphus {New Music}

blog posts. Sisyphus {New Music}. Sisyphus is the new moniker for a collaborative project between Serengeti, Son Lux, and Sufjan Stevens. They were formerly known as s/s/s.You should check out the whole album. This is one of my favorite tracks. Sisyphus

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