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New Music

blog posts. New Music. I've been all over the place with new music the past couple weeks. Here's what's what: Lost in the Trees — "Red". {stream the whole new record via npr}. Kishi Bashi — "Bright Whites". {all songs considered sxsw preview}. Miami

Music Recap

blog posts. Music Recap. Lots of good stuff to share! I'm also gonna try a new thing; unprofound descriptions of the bands I write about in sixty characters or so. Let's go! From my favorite record so far this year. Shearwater — "Open Your Houses". {mp3

New Music

blog posts. New Music. Some of my faves this week:Found this track via MPR's Current station: Dial-up – "Designer Homes". Listen to the. first six tracks here. {bandcamp}. Herman Dune — "Shadow of a Doubt". {aac file}. From. Tell Me Something I Don't

The Generationals {New Music}

blog posts. The Generationals {New Music}. [caption id="attachment_4674" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. Live at the KEXP studio, July 25th, 2009 {flickr user Mordac}.[/caption]New Orleans-based duo. The Generationals. plays music that spans many styles

Chad VanGaalen {new music}

blog posts. Chad VanGaalen {new music}. Can't get this song from the new Chad VanGaalen record out of my head today. And yes I know that may seem morbid. Chad VanGaalen— "Hangman's Son". {mp3}. [audio src="

(Sort of) NEW MUSIC:

blog posts. (Sort of) NEW MUSIC: Broken Bells. is a collaboration between James Mercer ("the Shins") and Danger Mouse ("Danger Mouse"). The best description I can come up with is that it sounds pretty much exactly how you'd expect; a really long remix of

Foxygen {new music}

blog posts. Foxygen {new music}. [caption id="attachment_5468" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. foxygen @ sxsw 2013 | flickr user "andy g" | used under creative commons[/caption]To say Foxygen is a band inspired by bands of the '60s like the Beatles

John Vanderslice {new music}

blog posts. John Vanderslice {new music}. [caption id="attachment_5512" align="aligncenter" width="425"]. photo by flickr user Tylertello {Creative Commons license}[/caption]A new album is out from one of my all-time favorite artists, John Vanderslice

Sean Nelson {new music}

blog posts. Sean Nelson {new music}. photo by flickr user. kexp. | used under the creative commons. I guess this song is a bit melancholy but every time I listen to it I get it stuck in my head all day without really realizing it.The bass line and guitar

Saintsenca {new music}

blog posts. Saintsenca {new music}. Love this new album from Columbus, OH band Saintseneca.The bass on this track reminds me of David Bazan/Pedro the lion—deep, loud, and melodic. Other tracks on the album feature guitar riffs that echo the New

Tame Impala {new music}

blog posts. Tame Impala {new music}. [caption id="attachment_4264" align="aligncenter" width="475"]. Tame Impala in Italy {photo from flickr user "charlie_cravero;" creative commons license}[/caption]This Australian band made a lot of. best albums of 2012

Sun Airway {new music}

blog posts. Sun Airway {new music}. This Philadelphia-based band took awhile to grow on me. I wrote them off as another airy Beach House-esque band (nothing against Beach House), and didn't really catch on to the melodies right away. The. Pitchfork

Springtime Carnivore {new music}

blog posts. Springtime Carnivore {new music}. Greta Morgan is Springtime Carnivore. Springtime Carnivore. {spotify} is the name of her debut album.It's sunny pop, sung through one of those filter things that makes the vocals seem really far away.Here's

New David Bazan {music}

blog posts. New David Bazan {music}. "Strange Negotiations" comes out May 24; here's a preview track:Also check out Bazan's. introduction to the song. {official site}.{via. fuel friends. }. posted. May 4, 2011. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

New music {Son Lux}

imaginative and complex music for every medium. The classically trained musician has scored for modern dance, TV ads and film — including last year's The Disappearance Of Eleanor Rigby and the upcoming Paper Towns. Lott is also no stranger to collaboration

Miyazaki {new music}

blog posts. Miyazaki {new music}. No, not. that. Miyazaki. This. Miyazaki: [mejsaudio src=""]. Miyazaki — "Opportunist". {mp3}. Via. {all songs considered}.From their latest release, "Color of Glass". {spotify}. posted. March 11, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Smith Westerns {new music}

blog posts. Smith Westerns {new music}. from flickr user ". georgia hinaris. " | used under the creative commons. Heard a song by this Chicago-based band on the. Current Song of the Day podcast. this week and picked up their new record that same day.They

Alt-J {new music}

blog posts. Alt-J {new music}. In keeping with my. bands-from-overseas. thing, here's a track from the British indie rock quartet Alt-J.It's a creepy little song. Alt-J — "Tessellate". {mp3}. [mejsaudio src=""]. posted. January 28, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

WATERS {New Music}

blog posts. WATERS {New Music}. Ex-Port O'Brien frontman Van Pierszalowski's new band, WATERS, is out with its first record, "Out in the Light". {amazon}.While not as gleeful as Port O'Brien, WATERS still carries formidable energy, flanked by

Youth Lagoon {new music}

blog posts. Youth Lagoon {new music}. Well by. new. I mean 2011. New to me.Love how this song starts as a sappy lullaby and slowly builds into an upbeat refrain as the chorus repeats for the second time, as if the singer is convincing himself of the that

The Slow Music Movement

blog posts. The Slow Music Movement. First slow food, now. this. {npr}: Back in August, a recording of Justin Bieber's "U Smile" went mega-viral on YouTube, earning over 1 million hits.But it wasn't the original song — it was a version slowed down by more

Temples {new music}

blog posts. Temples {new music}. The new record from English band. Temples. {official} is really good.Here's one of my favorite tracks: Temples — "Colours to Life". {mp3}. [audio src=""]. From the new album. Sun Structures. {spotify}.See also: Foxygen. {this blog}. posted. April 7, 2014. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Slow Club {New Music}

blog posts. Slow Club {New Music}. Love this track from English band Slow Club, an advance release off their new album due out in July.The guitar in the beginning really reminds me of Grizzly Bear, and the dreamy sound and vocals are reminiscent of

NURSES {New Music}

blog posts. NURSES {New Music}. [audio]. Nurses — "Trying to Reach You". {mp3}From. Dracula. {amazon}. posted. January 10, 2012. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

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