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Unsolicited podcast recommendations

blog posts. Unsolicited podcast recommendations. I've been writing about. podcasts. on this blog since 2010! But I don't think I ever shared what podcasts I actually listen to. So here's my unsolicited list of podcasts I currently listen to. None of the

Podcast/music rec: Hawthorne Radio

plays a DJ set of new and old stuff. It's great to put on when making dinner or just hanging out. He posts a new episode every month or so and you can get it on. Apple Podcasts. or listen below. See also: more. music. on this blog. Image taken from his. bio. posted. February 27, 2019. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

This week's podcast recommendations

them out a lot? Bring them closer together? Listen here. .See also: my other posts about. podcasts. posted. March 29, 2019. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Jim Coudal on the New Disruptors Podcast

have his hand in every step of the process, and more.Read more. Long/ Live/ the. on. podcasts. here. posted. April 5, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Podcast recommendation: Conviction (true crime)

-compelling victim that inadvertently teaches you how truly messed up our criminal justice system is — even in one of the most progressive cities in the country.Listen. here. .See also: this post. about almost all the podcasts I listen to. posted. February 13, 2019. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

How to read fast

podcasts has helped me arrive at this new perspective. I don't remember who said what, so full attribution isn't possible. Sorry. Books are tools. Your job is to extract the value from them as quickly as possible. Before you start reading a new book flip

When your product solves the right problems, your content can too

point out the ways in which your product. actually. makes them better, you have a winning combination of content that helps and converts.I'll write more about this soon. But for now, check out the. podcast episode. .For more podcasts I listen to, check out my. recent list of suggestions. posted. December 11, 2017. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

"Whatever field you are in, if it uses language, it is about to be transformed."

includes lots of examples of Sudowrite trying to write like famous authors like Kafka and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. See also: this episode. of podcast All Consuming about writing tools, which is where I first heard of Sudowrite. See also also: other posts about. links. and. podcasts. on this blog. posted. May 2, 2021. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Giving up on the News

argument by itself?But the more I got to thinking and analyzing my behaviors throughout the day, I realized that I probably should cut down on my news consumption at least a little bit. I used to spend two-to-three hours a day listening to NPR/WHYY podcasts

FTD #76: Nov. 15 2019

bookended by subway stations and train lines, always drew crowds. But it was starting to seem really old. See also: all coverage of podcasts on this blog. How TikTok holds our attention. {new yorker}. Informative article about something I don't know

NPR May Be Hazardous to Your Health

think this makes a lot of sense. And it might explain while I prefer non-fiction. podcasts. (i.e. Talk of the Nation, On the Media, Planet Money) versus fiction (This American Life, WTF). Friends Don't Let Friends Listen and Drive. {american scholar}. posted. June 4, 2013. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

2 podcast episode recommendations

blog posts. 2 podcast episode recommendations. 1: Are Uber and Lyft drivers being exploited? How much do Uber and Lyft drivers really earn, after expenses? Are they getting a raw deal by being classified as 'independent contractors' instead of employees

Decode DC {new podcast}

blog posts. Decode DC {new podcast}. Great new podcast from NPR veteran Andrea Seabrook: Decode DC. .Produced in a partnership with Mule Design (creators of. Evening Edition. ), the new podcast aims to cut through the "he-said she-said bullshit" and cover

Friday Tab Dump: "Scooter mechanic, once homeless, says cheap rides now help him pay rent" and more [12/14/18 edition

". Your apps know where you were last night, and they’re not keeping it secret. {nyt}This story was all over the internets and podcasts this week, but the best part is the visualizations. "Lisa Magrin is the only person who travels regularly from her home

Awesome New iOS Podcast App

blog posts. Awesome New iOS Podcast App. I've never been fully satisfied with a podcast app for my iPhone. Downcast was good, but lacked fine-tuned details and control.Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper) has a new app out and it's great. It has a cool

Recommended listening: Naval Ravikant on "The Knowledge Project" podcast

blog posts. Recommended listening: Naval Ravikant on "The Knowledge Project" podcast. This crazy-long (2 hrs) podcast with entrepreneur (AngelList) and deep thinky guy Naval Ravikant is well worth a listen. It covers "habits, decision-making, mental

The podcast featuring an interview with a subway seat

blog posts. The podcast featuring an interview with a subway seat. Everything is Alive. is my favorite podcast discovery in a long time.Part comedy, part philosophical exploration lesson — each episode features a whimsical discussion between host Ian

You should listen to this interview podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett

blog posts. You should listen to this interview podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, Will Arnett. The podcast is called Smartless and it is funny. In each episode, one of the hosts Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, or Will Arnett seem to actually(?) suprise

Friday Tab Dump #63: April 12 2019

about how this one podcast, 99% Invisible, would crash the radio system of this guy's Mazda. And it was the only podcast that would cause it. posted. April 12, 2019. 🔙. © Marc Hummel

Friday Tab Dump #56: February 15 2019

blog posts. Friday Tab Dump #56: February 15 2019. Click to add title: Making a better pitch deck. {track changes podcast}I learned more about giving a presentation from this podcast than I did during a whole public speaking class I took at NYU.*. How do

Friday Tab Dump #54: February 1 2019

reasoning that a vortex does a good job of obscuring the relationship between a set of paths. You can click on any of the images below to download a PDF of the maze for solving on paper. How Field Notes thinks about its brand. {podcast}I love Field Notes

What? Attention spans aren't getting worse over time.

intentional, deep thinking. In fact, I wrote about it at least. once. on this blog, probably 100 times. But it turns out that is probably bullshit. As. this episode from The Gist podcast. explains — basically no research into attention spans has used reliable

Friday Link List

federal Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA. The law bans federal recognition and benefits for legally married same-sex couples. 2. The New Disruptors. {podcast}.Another great new podcast from. Mule Radio Syndicate. I love these guys.Anyway the podcast is

The 72-hour bus ride for wannabe startup founders

blog posts. The 72-hour bus ride for wannabe startup founders. I really enjoyed a recent 5-part series of Gimlet's. Startup. podcast which coveredStartupBus, a "hackathon on wheels, where a bunch of strangers come together to launch companies in one week

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